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Acensium is an industry-focused engineering and intellectual services provider originally founded in 2003 in Denver, Colorado. Acensium delivers operations, consulting and engineering support for the mitigation of coal dust, and other combustible dust, has been provided to the power, steel and textile industries in the Southeast, Southwest and Midwest United States.

After twenty years of service to the power generation industry, our specialties include material handling design and coal dust control engineering for coal transfer systems.  Executing these types of retrofit projects has positioned us to become leading experts in the capture and conversion of brown-field, as built (asbuilt) data for heavy industrial installations.  We have gathered and converted data in the most demanding environments with millimeter precision.   We are now utilizing this expertise to assist our clients with the physical to digital conversion of their assets. Many of our clients have never considered the benefits of 3D visualization to manage project risk through the capture and post processing of laser scan data.


Only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects.


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The average cost overrun of all projects is 27%.

Harvard Business Review

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57% of projects fail due to a breakdown in communications.

SpikesCavell Research Co

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Control Risk

5 Ways You are NOT Controlling Risk in  Your Projects

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Find out how you can gain and maintain the upper hand in managing your greenfield and brownfield projects!


What could you do with a high definition scan of your next project? Our Faro scanners capture material handling equipment in very high detail. You can the leverage the data to control the design of reinforced structural members, route new chute work or relocate conduit and fire sprinkler line - all from the comfort of your desktop! Digital assets give engineers the ability to assess, monitor and control risk dynamically without the cost and time investments previously required.

Contact us to learn how digital assets can enrich and improve your process.

An insufficient project risk management plan is often the cause of critical process breakdowns and process delays. Cost overruns, stoppages, QC issues, ‘scope creep’, contract issues and complete project failure are possible results of inadequate risk planning, monitoring and mitigation efforts. Often, risks that are easily mitigated during planning phases pose substantial hurdles only because they were not properly accounted for or even considered. Poor communication or project control systems can compound these difficulties during project execution leading to critical failures within a project.

Contact Acenium to discuss our comprehensive risk assessment and control process.

Mistake #1

Failure to capture or confirm "as-is" conditions
Solve it!

Mistake #2

Failure to utilize VR and 3D in Project Development
Solve it!

Mistake #3

Failure to capture "as-manufactured" conditions
Solve it!

Mistake #4

Failure to validate installation in real time
Solve it!

Mistake #5

Failure to document "as-built" conditions at project close
Solve it!

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