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Acensium Engineering Intern: Learning 3D Building Scanning on the Job

Acensium recently had a student shadowing team members before he heads off to Wake Forest to begin engineering school. Michael Burton, graduating high-school senior, visited power plants, sat in on business presentations and learned about technical tasks during the time he worked with the team.

Beating Coal Blockages at 2 Tons per Second

The coal head-chute getting plugged is not just an inconvenience that slows down operations, every hour in excess of deadlines incurs costly demurrage charges making flawless operation a key in maintaining low costs.

Reality Capture: How to implement Augmented Reality for a competitive advantage

The ability to truly visualize Internet of Things (IoT) data is the leverage needed to pivot the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem from introspective data to critical drivers of business decisions.

Reality Capture: When is Building Information Modeling a priority?

With the realities of daily O&M requirements over years of operation coupled with traditional as-built recordkeeping it is not uncommon to have as-built drawings that are outdated and incorrect.

Reality Capture: Why convert from 2D Plant Drawings to 3D As-Built Models?

The realities of O&M demands mean modifications and retrofits have occurred - and if handled in the best way, came with accompanying 2D drawings. Is there a clear representation of the plant, today, as-built, when we need it, that key staff can understand immediately?

Acensium and DAQRI: Make Augmented Reality Easy

DAQRI is blazing the trail in the AR sphere, bringing innovative technology to workplaces at competitive prices. The biggest hurdle for a firm to overcome in implementing AR technology is the digitization of existing environments. This is where the partnership with Acensium shines.

Protect your Facility with ARMAR: Augmented Reality for Maintenance And Repair

Modern O&M has evolved with technology to include advanced systems that give insight into data that before simply had to be estimated. Understanding this modern real-time O&M data can be a challenge, especially for the multi-disciplinary groups that often are tasked with evaluating O&M data and implementing recommendations. Facility ARMAR is the solution.

Georgia Pacific Muskogee | Laser-scan and Model: Avoid delays and downtime during retrofits and upgrades.

Executing a complex upgrade or retrofit project is challenging in many ways. The challenges inherent to completing key project objectives on-time and on-budget are compounded by a project that requires installation inside an active facility, with no allowable downtime. When design and execution have to flawlessly integrate for success, a precise understanding of the site is essential.

Acensium engineering & DEM data employed in key petcoke chute-work

The difference between an an ineffective chute and an effective chute may be only 0.5 degrees, accurate coefficient data helps determine and model this.

From Laser Scanning to a 3D Environment: Building a Virtual World

Using a 3D laser scanner to create an accurate representation of an industrial facility is not a new idea. With the rapid advancement of both processing and storage hardware, coupled with decreasing costs, this sort of real-world data can be leveraged by almost any facility.

Acensium 3D Building Scanning for retail renovation

Acensium adapted to these unique materials, providing laser-precise as-built 3D building scan-data to Workspace 11 so they could complete the installation. Used to the proclivities of industrial sites, the Harry Winston location was quite different in requirements and environmental challenges.

Navisworks: Coupling powerful technology with extensive experience

Acensium uses laser scanning to make analyzing problems and designing solutions a precise and detailed process. After capturing 3D laser scans of a facility or project site to perform an analysis or design a solution, a tool in needed to consume and navigate this data.

Plant Scherer Awarded Powder River Basin Coal Users Group Plant of the Year

Southern Company Coal Plant Robert W. Scherer was awarded the 2017 Powder River Basin Coal Users Group Plant of the Year award this spring during the PRB Users Group meeting at the Electric Power Expo in Chicago.

Acensium Project Risk Management Analysis Reduces Delays, Avoids Risks

When delays or downtime can result in significant negative outcomes, project risk management becomes more than a matter of efficiency and becomes a matter of necessity.

CLECO Power - Laser scans lower costs and increase efficiency

The newly installed E-Crane was loading at a seemingly low rate of 900 tons per hour (TPH) - significantly below what was expected. In addition, regular maintenance of the crane was having to be performed at an accelerated rate, increasing the maintenance costs significantly with increased inspections, oversight and repairs to the crane.

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