Material Handling Consulting

We made our name solving the most complex bulk material handling problems.


Clearly defined.

The single most important part of any material handling project is the definition of scope and expectations.  Every acensium project starts with a Functional & Operating Requirements Meeting.


Robustly engineered.

Sound engineering practice begins with the study and mastery of fundamental math and science, but the true perfection of the craft occurs when the engineer applies this learning in the field.


Exactingly inspected.

The best designs will not yield a successful performance outcome if the complex fabrication is not completed within the design tolerances.  Is your fabrication correct?


Expertly installed.

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.." - all the planning, engineering, and fabrication could be for naught if the installation crew does not fully understand the project.

Transfer Chutes

Transfer Chutes

From the simple to the complex, our transfer chutes out perform any other design that has ever been offered to the market.

Washdown Systems

Washdown Systems

Custom designed washdown systems to remove combustible dust from material handling systems.

Crusher Houses

Crusher Houses

Optimization of Crusher Houses to extend crusher life, minimize fugitive dust, and increase throughput.

Mag Seperators

Mag Separators

Properly configured magnetic separation eliminates maintenance and downtime, while greatly improving performance.

Transfer Houses

Transfer Houses

We have helped configure transfer towers to handle nearly 10,000 tph of material per hour, while passing through 3 splitter gates.

Non-Ferrous Seperation

Non Ferrous Separation

Magnets leave rocks in your material flow.  We design custom separation equipment and arrangements to meet your specs.

Material Handling Consulting Project Examples

At Acensium we have done almost every material handling project you can imagine! See below for a few examples.

We would love to help with your project as well!

Beating Coal Blockages at 2 Tons per Second
Acensium began the job by performing a 3D laser scan on the site using 3D building scanners that captured millimeter-accurate measurements of the head-chute.
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Acensium engineering & DEM data employed in key petcoke chute-work
The difference between an an ineffective chute and an effective chute may be only 0.5 degrees, accurate coefficient data helps determine and model this.
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From Laser Scanning to a 3D Environment: Building a Virtual World
With the rapid advancement of both processing and storage hardware real-world 3D data can be leveraged by almost any facility.
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