Scan and Model

Capture and confirm "as-is" conditions

Detailed Scan

Over 2 Trillion Scan Points Collected!


We collect data at a rate of 900,000 points per second.  Imagine pulling a tape measure 2 billion times! Laser scanning makes this happen.


We mesh all of these points into a registered point cloud.   All these dots make a picture.   They are so small and it's hard to tell it's not a photograph.

3D Model

Converting Millions of Points to Solids


As technology advances, the day will come when we will design in the point cloud.  Until then, converting xyz points to solids allows us to support any CAD platform for conceptual development & design. power

The accurate conversion of registered point clouds to CAD solids is critical to the success of subsequent facets of the project.  Don't leave this step to any group that is not familiar with heavy industrial plants and processes.


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